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Trump’s Lack of Transparency

Time has elapsed since President Trump’s benign strike on a Syrian airfield in an emotional response to Assad’s last use of chemical weapons against his people. The news cycle has moved on to other things. The Democrat Opposition in Congress and the likes of Senator John McCain from the Republican team will not allow the investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to die.
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The Value of Jesus’ Ascension

Today marks the official last holiday of the Easter Season. In Guyana, and in many other countries, Easter Monday is a national holiday that’s celebrated by flying of kites. The symbolism of kite flying is the Ascension of Jesus Christ after His Resurrection. Like most symbols, they are not accurate. Our kites ascend and then, inevitably, descend…
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He is Risen! Jesus Lives Today!

It has become politically correct to publicly say that all religions are equal and are of the same value. That may be true, but only if you correctly do not treat Christianity as a religion. For there is no other “religion” hat can compare with Christianity for one profound reason. The hero and focus of worship of every religion except Christianity is dead…
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Flip-Flopper-in-Chief Trump?

President Trump has recently been castigated as “Flip-Flopper-in-chief”. Is that a fair characterization of our President? And like so many other things, it all depends on your perspective. The hard-evidence on his turn-around positions on the Federal Reserve Chairman, China, Assad, and now apparently, even Russia, are matters of record. But…
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What is Good about Good Friday?

Today is “Good Friday”, and is celebrated around the world as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. A few persons in some parts of the world will actually be trying to re-enact the suffering of Christ by literally hanging on a cross. However, I do not know of any who will actually allow themselves to be crucified. And even if a madman somewhere actually volunteered to be crucified…
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The World’s Most Powerful People

Life is filled with choices, and we have to make them. A foundation philosophy in all my presentations especially when I use my trademark “Doctor Perspective” is, “The only thing over which we have complete control is our perspective.” This means that even in the darkest moments…
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The Christian Path to Peace

Isaiah 26:3 tells us, “You will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” There was a time when America claimed to be a Christian country. After all, many of the Pilgrims were Christians…
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God Loves LGBT’s and so must Christians

It is now politically correct to accept “non-traditional” sexual preferences and proclivities as being normal. In fact, in our attempt to normalize what used to be treated as deviant behavior, we have added all negative references to the practice and practitioners of homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism as “hate speech” crimes.
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 Democrats May Overthrow Roe v Wade

I am a Christian Democratic Republican because I can, in all good conscience, be neither exclusively Democrat nor Republican. And that does not necessarily make me a Jared Kushner. There are core values of both parties that I wholeheartedly endorse and embrace. But my Christian values prohibit me from embracing many of the values of both parties. But because my fulfilment in Jesus Christ is complete, I need neither the Democrat nor the Republican label to validate me….
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Some Moving Parts of a Foreign Policy

48 hours after America bombed Syria, the bombed air base is in operation again in its mission of murder of innocent men, women and children in the same town it bombed with chemical weapons. In light of this development, President Trump’s foreign policy seems to be saying it’s OK to bomb innocent men, women and children with conventional weapons and even barrel bombs, but not to do so with chemical weapons. Is this really true about his foreign policy?
Kim Jong-Un condemned America’s unprovoked strike against Syria. Good for him. I hope…
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After Strike, What is Trump’s Strategy?

Honeymoons in politics do not last for long. President Trump’s strike against Syria’s Assad was widely hailed as an excellent and timely tactical move. Now, his few critics on this subject, and all his cheerleaders are asking for his long-term strategy. We all know that, at this time, he has none. He is winging it. Rex Tillerson’s foreign policy verbage is turning on a dime. Nikki Haley at the United nations has already…
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We are Proud of You Mr. President

Having a happy day in these days seems impossible. And it is, if your happiness is dependent on external factors. However, the happiness and peace and joy that Christians are expected to have is a direct result of the Ruler of the Universe having bequeathed to us His peace (John 14:27). This not an easy concept to explain… but millions around the world today continue to experience it.
In a little more than a heartbeat, Candidate Trump metamorphed into President Trump. He…
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R U a Christian Activist or Ostrichist?

It is very easy to understand why the vast majority of Christians refuse to engage in the politics of America, and never has there been a time in recent memory where this is more true. But we do not have a choice. Developments in Washington are occurring at a mind-boggling rate. From recusals, to investigations, to investigations of investigators, to reckless policy shifts that trigger Assad’s decision to use chemical weapons against his people, to Trump…
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Pray for Kim Jong-un’s Immediate Conversion or Death

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson remains under a cloud of suspicion because of his historic ties to Russia’s Putin. Hopefully, he has no Exxon skeletons in the closet related to his Wayne Tracker alias. But there is something very commendable about the position his boss President Trump and himself have taken on North Korea’s nuclear threat to the USA..
While Nikki Haley maintains diplomatic posturing at the United Nations…
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Jesus Can Always Make the Difference

I know quite a lot about how low third-world politics can go. But I never dreamt that I would live to see the day when politics in first-world America, would make third-world politics look like a Sunday School picnic on a beautiful day. President Trump brought his own brand of “novelty” to the White House, and coming after Barak Obama, the contrast could not have been greater. But now as Democrats in the Senate threaten to use…
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Why Pray for Trump to Succeed

We pray for President Trump to succeed for many reasons. One of them is not so that he and his family can line their pockets with more wealth through some means that some may question. We pray for his success because we are so encouraged by God, even if he were a Dictator… and he is not (Romans 13:1-7). But we also pray for Trump because when our President succeeds in making America great again, we all succeed.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, aka Wayne Tracker…
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Today is Sunday. Christians of all denominations around the world identify today as special because it was on the first day of the week that Jesus arose from the grave after He was crucified. By doing this He fulfilled one of the most profound prophecies that He Himself made – “Destroy this temple, and in three days, I will raise it again (John 2:19).” There is no other Religion on earth that can make this claim, and demonstrate that it is true…
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Having a great weekend means having a “stress-free” weekend. It does not mean that all in our Nation is well, but it certainly helps when you begin to understand at least some of what is happening. The big news is that General Michael Flynn is asking the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the FBI for IMMUNITY…
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Christian Imperatives 

One of the reasons that Christians typically try to avoid politics is the major challenge to perspectives that it presents. Consider today’s motivational thought for example. “Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people.” Fired National Security Chairman General Michael Flynn, House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes, Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and a growing list of others appear to be on a fast-track to being accused of treason against the United States. The Christian must see the good in them…
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With all the trending news from Washington, it is easy to by-pass a smile and move straight to a laugh. Or perhaps, if you really believe that all you hear is true, your reaction might be to cry. And if all that we are hearing was not so serious, then perhaps we could even shrug our shoulders and look the other way. But it is serious, and even more serious than appears on the surface….
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